noun. (usually pronounced as) /tyan· ʃaʊ /, or simply, T /tiː/.

Tianxiao is a versatile design engineer who enjoys discovering opportunities to make his community a better place and using human-centred design methodology to approach problems and create context-aware solutions aiming to engage and inspire.

Tianxiao loves stories, particularly those by Lîm Gí-tông, Haruki Murakami, Milan Kundera, Ted Chiang, and Isaac Asimov.

About Me

Hi, I am Wang Tianxiao, and I study Design Engineering at Imperial College London.

Inspired by 'designerly ' practices, where both innovative design thinking and practical engineering problem-solving are embodied, I dreamed to become a 'T-shaped' problem solver with a good breadth of depth of knowledge and understanding of humanity and technology.

My past work includes wearable mechatronics, robotics control and meaningful human-machine interaction. I aim to address the fundamental needs of my target clients and users to design products that bring both functional and emotional values to people. With multi-disciplinary knowledge and the ability to communicate with people of various backgrounds, my ultimate passion is on design education, which I believe is a powerful, emerging teaching framework to spark creativity and curiosity, induce empathy, and advocate for an inclusive society fueled by trust and understanding.

Everyone's interests might develop and shift as time passes because our life experiences wil enrich our understanding of the world. My current research will focus on Human-AI Interaction, Design for Human Wellbeing, and Design for Playful Experience, specificially on cultural heritage for the upcoming years.

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