My 2021 Moments

UPDATE 2023: Personal contents removed for privacy concerns.

I would like to create something meaningful as my end of year reflection project by turning the contents I share into a physical zine.

WeChat has established a new form of connections between people, friends, and families as it empowered us to get in touch with others almost anywhere, any time. The feature, WeChat Moments, also known as Pengyouquan in Chinese (meaning 'friend circles'), has become an important touchpoint. I used an App to count that I would open the Moments to see what others are doing and share my own pictures and thoughts, once up to 500 hundred times a day! What motivates me to keep tracking and posting is my inner craving for connectivity - that is only weakly established online. Thus, WeChat Moments becomes an interesting touchpoint to sample my life, and I enjoy the reflection on those key moments and thoughts.

In the process of making this digital and physical publication, I overcome challenges and thought about the issues of between my personal data integrity and privacy of friends that have left their comments and thumb-up for me. Can such information be re-packaged and presented? What if someone else is 'stalking' and secretly recording my life without my awareness? It is tricky for me to answer those questions directly, but the journey is like a meditation, making me focused on my past memory, my feelings, my wants, and my appreciation for everything I have been through.


UPDATE: Postponed to mid January